Saturday, December 17, 2011

Miss Her So Much !

Quickie Updated ..
Just a quickie one ..

I just want to tell about how i miss my sister so much !
I know she felt the lost because i already became someone wifey ..
Before this we always spent time together !
Like hangout together , Watching movie together & most important sleep together !
The most precious moment that i won't forget is i always GOSOK her elbow before falling asleep .
Now i don't have the chance to do like that again and again .
I try to practice on my husband's elbow but it totally different , at the end i just use my own elbow .
Only that i will falling asleep !

I know since i become a wife , i was not pay attention to my sister ! And i know she is sad because i lack the attention to her . I'm sorry angah ! After this , i promise i will give my full attention to her ! Although , my husband don get that kind attention !

Angah ! I really miss you so much !
I hope we can spend time together again like before !

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