Wednesday, August 25, 2010

+with0ut y0u i feel weird+

it's ab0ut my life..
it's ab0ut me..
wh0 want t0 n0e b0ut me can read my bl0g
f0r da first i tyme i really happy when i wif y0u..
eventh0ugh just f0r a m0ment..
having berbuka puasa t0gether and ride a m0t0rcycle t0gather..
dat was a great m0ment..
i really h0pe dat i will stay wif y0u f0rever
c0z i didn't n0e why i can't f0rget y0u..
f0r da rest of my life..
eventh0ugh we had face many pr0blem bef0re
but i can't f0rget y0u dear..
i d0n't n0e why and keep asking myself..
i n0e we're different
my m0m and my dad always advise me n0t t0 having affair wif y0u..
but i can't..
da main reas0n is we're different..
i'm really s0rry dear if one day i will hurt y0u..
but f0r dis tyme we're back again i really h0pe we can happy ever after..

i really l0ve y0u s0 much..

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