Sunday, August 8, 2010

+T0day Da Day+

starting fr0m -Sunday(8/August/2010) i'm n0t bel0ng t0 Zaiful Azri anym0re..
I'm really back t0 single..
i've tried hard t0 fall in l0ve wif Zaiful Azri backj
but i failed..
i really dunn0 what was happen..
it really ann0ying me..
when i wif him i felt like in a hell..
but s0metimes i mish him..
but fr0m n0w on i only have Muhammad Affendi..
i h0pe my relation between him will be clear and sm0oth..
n0t like bef0re dis c0z i beating dat we're en0ugh matured..

T0 Zaiful Azri s0rry f0r hurting y0u..
t0 Affendi really l0ve y0u s0 much..
never hurt each others again..

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